Microsoft 365 

Office 365 is a cloud-based platform, and together with Office apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) it provides advanced Cloud services to simplify your work and increase productivity.
All apps are connected and synchronised and therefore, if you have to switch from one app to another, all project information such as word files and pdf documents, calendars, tasks and project participants list will be available, which provides a clear insight into each segment of the project you are working on.

Office 365 also includes modern security mechanisms, enables data analysis and real-time communication and facilitates team work and collaboration. Office 365 subscribers are provided with the latest versions of all apps, including desktop apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.


Access to most widely used tools for documents
Storage space for documents
System scalability that grows with your company
Synchronisation with others and simultaneous work on same documents
Cloud tools and services for collaboration and planning
Maintenance and apps costs are tailored to your business and segmented by individual users
Data security
Flexibility to work from any location

Depending on your requirements and the requirements of your business, we will suggest an appropriate application pack


$ 6.00

Chats, calls, meetings for up to 300 participants
Web and mobile versions of Office apps
1 TB of cloud storage
Business e-mail
Standard security


$ 12.50

Desktop versions of Office apps with premium features
Easily host webinars
Attendee registration and reporting tools
Manage customer appointments


$ 22.00

Advanced security
Access and data control
Cyberthreat protection


$ 8.25

Desktop versions of Office apps with premium features
1 TB of cloud storage
Standard security
Anytime phone and web support
*One license per user means that all the apps within the selected pack can be installed on up to 5 user’s devices, including PCs, mobile devices or tablets.
If you choose Microsoft 365/Office 365, here you can buy the packages and enjoy implementation, technical support and employees’ training 
as agreed.

Also, if you already have another system in place, we will make a migration to Office 365 fast, secure and, if possible, without any disruption to your operations.


Microsoft Teams has become the most popular Office 365 app. It is a one-stop collaboration hub. Microsoft Teams is designed to enable database sharing, one-on-one and group chats within various teams and groups, an exchange of data, video and conference calls, database storage and team collaboration on projects. During the pandemic, Microsoft Teams became one of the most widely used teamwork apps thanks to its unlimited features and ultimate flexibility to match your needs.
Microsoft OneDrive is an app designed to provide cloud data storage. By using OneDrive service, you will have all your files accessible on all devices, from anywhere and at any time.
Microsoft Outlook is a client app for receiving, sending and storing emails as well as using the calendar and managing tasks. Within Office 365 ecosystem it has been upgraded by numerous options that facilitate the management of a large number of emails and events.
Microsoft SharePoint is a service within Office365 cloud system, which offers various features to collaborate with people across your corporation. It is a centralised part of the cloud system for the entire corporation that enables the creation of an intranet site for the employees, central documentation server, DMS, procedure storage, global search engine for all documents, emails, employees etc. It is also a tool for the creation of various tables, basic spreadsheets and many other things that we can suggest depending on your business needs.
Office365 ecosystem includes Microsoft Exchange email server for internal and external communication. This is the world’s most popular and widely used email system because it offers security, availability and flexibility to adapt to your business needs. Exchange comes together with 50GB of mailbox storage space per user available. It should be noted that it has highly sophisticated mechanisms to defend against unsolicited mail that can cause harm to your corporation (antimalware and antispam system).
With Microsoft Planner you can segment each project into tasks assigned to your co-workers who can find out all the task details as well as the time remaining for its completion. The app is synced with calendars and mail systems which makes collaboration on projects much easier.
Microsoft OneNote is a note-taking app that syncs across all devices, PCs, mobile phones and tablets, and is easily accessed for reviews and edits.
Word, Excel and PowerPoint are the most popular desktop document apps. They are used for writing texts and creating complex tables and presentations. Office 365 provides their web versions making it easier to access, review and edit documents if you do not have a computer with you. With Office 365 pack you will always have at hand the latest version of the app updated with the latest plugins